Nina Laveson, CHt in Phoenix. Helping clients make positive lasting changes by accessing their inner power through hypnosis. Specialties include smoking cessation, addiction, weight loss and anxiety.  602-505-7673 

Kathleen Nightingale, CHt in Prescott. You are the "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow and I can help you find the power within yourself!     480-688-3924


Cherry Bligh, CHt in W.Hollywood and Tarzana. Hypnosis, reiki, energy work and past life regression. 323-909-9941

Erika Bunnin, MA, CH in Berkeley. 510-734-3460

Michelle Braun is a medical hypnotherapist, dementia therapy specialist and NLP practitioner located in San Diego County. She has trance-formed her own life using hypnosis and NLP into one of ever increasing health and joy after having been poisoned by pesticides., 619-792-2068  

Donna Carter, CCHt, in Calistoga., 707-540-3080.

Carol Croskery, Ed.D.,LPC,CHt in Aliso Viejo   918-378-1135

Susan French, M.A., CCHt., in Tarzana. In practice for 12 years, specializing in anxiety disorders and addictions.,, 888-333-3688.

Alena Guest, CHt in Mendocino. Unveiling the True Self; Medical Support Hypnosis, Education and Inspiration.  707-938-3072

Mona Jones, CHt, EFT Practitioner in Costa Mesa. Specializing in helping kids and teens, executives, athletes.  714-474-7272

Shannon King, CHt, Birthing as Nature Intended (B.A.N.I.) childbirth educator, and HOPE Coach, member of the IMDHA. Fall River Mills/Redding area. Specializing in chronic pain and helping women heal from the trauma of abortion or miscarriage., 530-945-8319

Tess Meissner, CCHt, EFT, NLP and shamanic Pract. in San Diego. Stress, trauma and inner child healing. Past life/spirit release therapy.  619-354-0043

Theresa Micheletti,CHt,  Dir Hypnosis for Premier Hypnosis Training Center in  Monterey. Personal session specialties: phobias, self-confidence, Past Life Regression and Journey to the Other Side  650-549-1949

Laura Morgan, CHt in Tarzana.Reiki & Energy Healing. Everything from the mundane to the metaphysical. Smoking Cessation, Performance Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, Past Life Regression 310-869-5766

Seth-Deborah Roth, RN,CRNA,CCHt,CI Fellow National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists, Instructor with the NGH, member of IMDHA. Castro Valley. Specializing in Medical Hypnosis: "Combining Medical Experience and Hypnosis is the Difference.", 510-690-0699

Erika Segura, CHt in Signal Hill. 949-287-9445

Jesslyn Shani, CHt, Clear Purpose Hypnosis and Los Angeles Hypnosis Center. Pediatric and Birthing Hypnosis Consultant with eating disorder specialty., 818-212-7556

Tamara Small, CHt in San Diego. Career coaching; help with stress, anxiety, fears, weight loss, sleep issues. 619-880-7010

Brenda Titus, CHt in Tustin. Get on the Path to Healing. 714-651-4189

Stephanie Voss, CHt, certified Hypnobabies® instructor, member ACHE, NGH, International Society for Investigative and Forensic Hypnosis in South Pasadena. Specializes in health and comfort, including IBS and pain issues; also offers seminars to help medical andlegal professionals manage stress and create better outcomes for clients and patients.,323-478-1920.

Evelyn Wang, CHt, Professional Coach, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapy Instructor, Fitness Nutrition Specialist in Sherman Oaks. Helping people tap into their inner resources and make lasting, positive changes in their personal and professional lives.  818-532-1511

Katherine Zimmerman, CCHt, Director of the California Hypnotherapy Academy. Offering continuing education for hypnotherapists since 1994.     ,


Victoria Bresee, CCHt in Denver. Cert. Biofield Tuning Pract., Addiction Recovery Specialist   720-460-0758

Shari Gordon, CHt, Blossoming Mind, Hypnotherapist in Lakewood. Blossoming Mind, Hypnotherapist in Lakewood. Specializing in codependency recovery, trauma release, weight loss, self-esteem and confidence.   303-570-5661. 

Zoilita Grant, Hypnotic Coach, Speaker, Teacher. Change Your Mind-Change Your Life!,, 303-834-5040

Celeste Labadie, LMFT, CCHt in Boulder. Addressing trauma resolution, PTSD, anxiety, frozen grief, IBS, depression, stress and over-thinking, breaking habits, relationship issues, pain reduction, anger and insomnia. 720-722-4043

Daria Mann, M.Ed, CCHt in Denver. Client centered, solution focused, working with children, teens and adults.

Inga Kraus, RN, CHt in Loveland. Specialties: Anxiety, depression, weight management, pain. 970-412-4112

Melissa Roth, CHt, PhD in Boulder.  720-445-0271

Barbara Stafford, CMS-CHt, Fellow of International Board of Hypnotherapy in Colorado Springs. Specializing in medical hypnotherapy for chronic pain, anxiousness, PTSD issues, and stress reduction. 719-238-5945

Wanda Voigt, CHt in Colorado Springs.Holistic Life Coaching, Parenting Workshops.  719-644-7014

Kellie Whitney, CMS-CHT, Fellow of International Board of Hypnotherapy in Colorado Springs and Buena Vista. Specializing in medical hypnotherapy for chronic pain, grief, trauma issues, and stress reduction. 719-439-8775


Tatia Orenczak, CCHt in Jacksonville. Full range of hypnotherapy services; change your mind, change your life.904-704-2788


Stephanie C. Conkle, CCHt, NLP, EFT, and Life Coach serving the Greater Atlanta area. The author of "Happy Person, Happy Life: A Recipe for Emotional Health and Well Being," and "Land a Job using Hypnosis: Get the edge over your competitors", her passion is helping others reach their fullest potential., 678-995-3549

Becky Shanks, CHt in Atlanta.  404-449-9266


Susan Loraine Barker,CHt, Cert. Life Empowerment Coach in Mundelein.  ​847-566-5884

Jenn Bovee, LCSW, CRADC, CCHt in Bloomington. 309-445-0394

Liana Gerdov, Clinical Psychologist, CHt, Reiki Master & Meditation Teacher in Palatine. 773-225-5540

Brenda L Gray,Cert Hypnosis Practitioner in Joliet. Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis, Weight Loss & Sport Hypnosis. (815) 557-9752 815-557-9752

Karen Hand,Chicago, IL Board Certified Hypnotist--Hypnosis and NLP Trainer.  Memberships in NGH, IACT, IHF, NFNLP. Hypnosis is not Voodoo--It's You-Do!   312-315-2100.

Rosi Nesaura, CHt and energy healer. Chicago and Palatine
Body,mind and soul heal all. 847-778-1305

Marian Spurgeon, CHt in Galesburg. 309-509-1036


Angie J. Hernandez, CHt. Graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Member Hypnotherapists Union Local 472 and the American Hypnosis Association. I specialize in helping you change your mind and life by phone, Skype or in person.www.IndianaHypnosis, 574-658-4686

Toni Macri-Reiner, CHt, Faster EFT practitioner, Indianapolis. Change your mind...Change your life., 317-869-5897


Carol Henderson, CCHt uses hypnosis, and other helpful techniques, including EFT and Emotrance, to help people easily transform their lives into the lives they truly want to live. On the Kansas/Missouri stateline. 913-908-6907


Guzilia Davis, CHt, NLP MP, in Columbia. Certified Past Life Regressionist helping clients regain control and create positive changes.  443-599-8488

Sondra Lambert, CHt in Crofton. I specialize in  introducing and creating a personal partnership with Subconscious as an active team member. 5 words that will change your life: " Hello Subconscious, Thank you Subconscious"  443-292-4279

Linda Nelson, CCHt, Cert. Holistic Health Coach in Gaithersburg. Specializing in women's sexuality and in 630-441-8952

Donna Sherman, CHt. in Baltimore. Skilled, intuitive hypnotherapist providing effective results.Flexible appt hours and the highest level of care and consideration for every, 443-562-5815


Cynthia da Silva, BCH, Martha's Vineyard. In practice since 2003, Cynthia works with clients from around the world via phone or skype and travels throughout the US offering workshops and private sessions.,508.524.9022.

Amanda Ferguson, Consulting Hypnotist, Self Hypnosis Teacher and Reiki Master in Westford. 978-726-9558

Val Miller, CHt in Hadley, W. Mass. Specialities include Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis, chronic pain and anxiety. Sessions available in person, Skype or phone. 413-238-1458

Kathryn McGlynn, CH in Quincy/South Shore. Specializing in Past Life Regression/Metaphysical Hypnosis since 1977.  781-340-2146


Kelli von Heydekampf, CHt, NLP, Cert. Mindfulness Meditation. Minneapolis. It's time to wake up! 952-222-3975


Carol Henderson, CCHt uses hypnosis, and other helpful techniques, including EFT and Emotrance, to help people easily transform their lives into the lives they truly want to live. On the Kansas/Missouri stateline.  913-908-6907

Jo Moon, CMS-CHt in the SW Missouri area, based in Springfield. Jo specialized in medical/childbirth and sports performance hypnosis. 417-848-7946.  

Barbara C. Phillips, APRN,CHt in Columbia. 573-230-2868


Serena Denmark, CHt, NLP in Las Vegas.Rapid results now...finally. 702-475-0764

New Jersey

Jennifer Stone, PhD.,CHt, in Mountain Lakes. Specialties: anxiety, performance nerves, pre-surgery stress reduction, post-surgery healing, memory rescue, entrepreneurial confidence, hypnotherapy for successful professionals.  (973) 658-6075

New York

Maria Bird, Certified Hypnotist and NLP Coach in Middletown.  917-703-2454

Sarah Carson, CHt, Hypnosis/NLP Instructor in Manhattan. Specializing in Hypnosis for Childbirth/Fertility, Stop Smoking, Overcoming Performance Anxiety.     917-587-9583

Elizabeth Marian Kilkenny, CHt, CNLP, Cert. Bariatric Hypnotist in Fishkill. "Changing Your Life by Changing Your Mind" 845-765-0712

North Carolina

Christy R. Hall, Wellness Mindset Coach and Emotional Alchemist in Raleigh area, using hypnosis, Rapid Transformation Therapy, NLP, and Tapping Modalities to help clients get from where they are to where they want to go. or 919-335-8026


Teresa Bartchlett
, CHt in Findlay. REI Light Healing and Hypnosis     419-424-9381

Nicole Jeffries, CHt in Batavia.  513-378-4456


Judith Auslander, MA,MAIS,CLC,CHt in Beaverton. Change is hard, let's make it easy! 503-289-3614

Laney Coulter, BCHt, CHI in Portland. 503-289-3614

Cynthia Crossman, CHt in Bend.  541-233-8695

Denise Dodson, CHt in Portland, Beaverton, Tigard. Hypnotherapy for divorce recovery, forgiveness. 503-347-7567

Christa King CHt in Portland. Nutritional therapist, group fitness instructor helps people make permanent lifestyle changes. 503-454-6468

Lydia Norris, CHt in Ashland. Change Your Mind - Change Your Life  541-488-7109

Julie Starr, CHt, Life Coach in Lincoln City serving clients on the central Oregon coast and via Skype.  541-996-1022  or  541-992-4434


Wendy Merron, BCH, CI, in Wayne. Hypnosis Training and helping clients with Sports Improvement, Confidence, and Public Speaking.  610-687-1047

Meredith Monroe, CHt in Shrewsbury. 717-495-2128

Doris Robinson, BSN, RN, CHt in Philadelphia. 215-659-6955

Rhode Island

Cheryl Reynolds, RN, CHt in East Greenwich. Specializing in stress reduction. www.  401-301-4426

Astrid Spencer, CHt in Newport, Rhode Island. Reducing anxiety, smoking cessation, past-life regression, confidence building, removing blockages, all to help you have the best possible life. 401-584-2256


Janece O. Hoopes, LMT, CMS-CHt  in Provo. Get Unstuck and Thrive: Helping you to achieve peace, better health, happier relationships, and a more satisfying life., 801-373-3484


Tracy Adams, CHt, in Seattle. HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, HOPE Coach. Specializing in medical hypnosis for migraine, chronic pain, anxiety, sleep,weight reduction, hypnosis for childbirth and easing the postpartum, 206-931-7957.

Lauren Archer, CHt, Health Coach in Kirkland.                        ,425-985-3245

Rita Ballard-Baumgarten, CCHt in Chehalis., 360-915-2910 

Terri Clifford, CCHt, NLP, Reiki and Life Coach in Seattle., 866-282-5676

Keridwyn Deller, CHt in Seattle. Helping clients in person and online with anxiety, changing negative self talk and unwanted habits. 

Patricia Eslava Vessey, PCC, CCHt, ICF Credentialed Life & Executive Coach, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner, certified health coach and fitness trainer with over 30 years experience in social work. Specialties include weight loss, phobias, anxiety, chronic medical conditions and work-life balance.,, 206-459-2898

Nikki Fey-Burgett, CHt, Life Coach in Edmonds. 206-234-7299

Jackie Foskett, CHt and Hypno-Coach, Registered Dental Hygienist in the Seattle-Bellevue area; Discover Your Inner Calm and Your Path to Your Best Life.,, 425-227-8210

Didi Graves, CHt near downtown Seattle; south Lake Union., 206-799-1347

Sylvia A. Henderson, CHt, LMP, Hypnotherapy, FasterEFT, and Personal Success Coach located in Kirkland and Seattle.  Specializing in stress, grief, anxiety, PTSD, and sexual trauma.425-765-8228

Sally Holmes Reed, CHt, Transformational Speaking Coach, Seattle. Move out of past limitations and step into your bright new future.,, 206-719-6660

Mary Lee LaBay, PhD, is the author of five books on hypnotherapy and past life regression, including “Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach. She is the instructor of Bastyr University’s non-credit Hypnotherapy Training Program, instructs Past Life Regression and spiritual applications of hypnosis elsewhere, and maintains a private practice in Bellevue., 425-562-7277  

Lisa Lamont, CHt, certified hypnotherapist for over ten years. Lisa offers a VIP all day session for her clients. Her book, "Boot Camp for the Soul" teaches people to quit dieting so they can lose the weight they desire. She is located in beautiful Mukilteo., 206-834-5472 

Cindy Levy, LMHC, CCHt, MH (Stage Hypnosis), and Psychodrama Certification Candidate, Olympia., 360-888-6630

Wendy Leyva, CHt in Lynnwood.360-930-6785

Wendy Lynne, CHt in Bellevue.  Hypnotherapist, Nutritionist and Life Coach helping people break though whatever is holding them back., 425-691-8402

Mary Macguire, MA, CMS, CHt in Bellevue. Anxiety, Fears, Phobias and Trauma. Hypnosis, NLP and energy management techniques for being calm and peaceful in this over-stimulating world.  425-466-1476

Mariana A. Matthews, CCHt, Comedy Entertainer, Lecturer. Certified in a variety of subjects but most passionate in the belief that “Laughter is the BEST therapy.”,, 425-248-7676

Saron McKee, CHt, Holistic Health Coach in Seattle.  206-554-1711

Kit Muehlman, CHt, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT500), Mount Vernon. My clients come for hypnotherapy modeled after wellness practices such as yoga, meditation and Ayurveda.

Janet Munson, BA,NPT,CHt, in Olympia.Hypnotherapist and nutritional therapist practicing since 2007. Developed Theta Mind-Body Integration which utilizes hypnosis techniques and energy work to release trapped emotions and physical pain. Genesis Nutrition and Healing Therapies;, 360-790-5374.

Lani Nicholls, CCht, Wellness Coach in Arlington. Nearly 30 yrs experience of helping people connect with that place inside where wisdom and healing reside.,

Laura Richer, CHt in Seattle.  206-765-8265

Diane Ripper, CHt in Bellingham. 360-389-6968

Pat Sonnenstuhl, RN,CNM,CHt, in Olympia. HOPE Coach for medical issues, birth and fertility specialist.   360-943-8933

Kelley T. Woods, Hypnotist and HOPE Coach in Mount Vernon, Skagit Valley, in practice since 2003. Specialty in pediatric hypnosis.,,360-333-8577.

Maritess Zurbano, Stage Hypnotist in Seattle.   206-659-8172