Testimonials from our Clients!

Mary Lee LaBay

(My recent) session took its own path as I am sure they always do.

I am so grateful to you for imparting your wisdom and vast knowledge especially because it seems to be blending with my own.... I am starting to get it! I am realizing my own strengths and trusting the power of my own innate intuition through this process. Thanks again...(I know I will be saying these words over and over many times to you)!    ~  Patsy G.

Stephanie Conkle


Let me preface this by stating that I have never written a testimonial for any services that I have received in my entire life.  When Stephanie asked me if I would be interested in writing a brief testimonial about her services, I was very honored and jumped at the opportunity in hopes that my words will encourage you to meet with Stephanie and experience the positive and life changing affects that she has done for me.

I am your average guy.  I get up and go to work everyday and have a wonderful family.  On the outside, I am very happy and fun.  However, over the years, life has become more and more stressful.  With the added stress, I noticed that I started to develop anxiety attacks and mood swings that were effecting me socially and professionally.  I began to grow tired of these unwanted feelings and I desperately needed a solution.  Most of the solutions did help a little: I changed my diet, started a great exercise plan, made plenty of "me" time and I even joined yoga.  Unfortunately, the anxiety and panic attacks remained.  For years, I had "crazy" friends who swore by the benefits of hypnotism.  I quickly dismissed their beliefs and remained miserable.

I knew that I had to get to the root cause of what was causing this anxiety.  One afternoon, I Google searched "hypnotism and (the city I live in)" and Stephanie's practice was the first one that appeared.  I called her and we spoke for over an hour while I was out driving to my next sales appointment.  Stephanie will walk you through everything you need to know about hypnotism, NLP, and mechanics that you can use to overcome your anxiety.  I was able to schedule an appointment with her a few days later and my life has completely changed.  I now have the tools to own my feelings and the power to control my thoughts.  Stephanie is for real.  She is exactly what you are looking for if you suffer for so many years as I did.  If you are looking to change your life for the better, call Stephanie and schedule an appointment.  Brad

Vanessa Lindgren

Hi Vanessa-   Well, I have been listening to my CD regularly and  loving it! It has been difficult for me to find the best adjective to describe the way I have been feeling. This morning it came to me. Since I saw you last Monday, I have had this wonderful overall sense of well-being each and every day. It is a subtle shift that is making a real difference in how I feel. My negative self-talk is minimal; waves of anxiety come much less and are less intense and shorter when I do feel them. I feel more relaxed and mindful. Less struggle and more connected in a caring way to my body.   I could not find a dress that called to me. But I did find a cute little polka dot pants and green sweater outfit that is adorable and just the thing for running, skipping, climbing trees. I look at it each day and smile.   Enjoy the day, R.C.

Janice Lesley

Janice is amazing. She has helped me in so many ways. I have seen Janice for Hypnotherapy and Reiki. She provides a safe and judgment free environment.  She is very intuitive, funny, smart, honest and caring.  The way she cares for you is unbelievable. Her passion for her work shines through. Her energy is so addicting.

Janice allowed me to see things I was unable to see myself. The way she does it is so gentle, caring and patient but she does it in a way that you get it quick and fast.  She has this ability that I cannot explain. She's very intuitive and can sense energy that is not visible to us. 

Janice you have helped me tremendously and I would definitely recommend you to anyone!  

With Love, Monica Chiang, Coquitlam, B.C. 

Patricia Eslava Vessey

After doing some soul-searching, I finally came to the conclusion that I needed some help. I searched the web, finding Patricia Vessey, and decided that she and her services were a possible answer to my needs. I was out of work, miserable, and going through a divorce. I felt almost as if I was slowly drowning. Upon my first meeting with Patricia, I felt as if I had come upon someone who would help me save myself. She has helped me do wonders. Within a month of sessions with Patricia, she had helped me regain my sense of self-worth, and gave me tools to work with. These tools enabled me to overcome my procrastination and hopelessness, and helped me to look forward to the rest of my life. I believe it is no coincidence that I found a good job (and a number of job offers) just before my last session with her. It's amazing what self-confidence and focus will do for a person. By myself, it was difficult. With her help, counsel, and methods, things have become better and do not seem so impossible. I look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with Patricia, and will be always grateful for her help and support in good times and bad. Thanks, Patricia! Joe Zulevic.