If you are a woman who works in hypnosis and would like to be part of our dynamic group, please contact Kelley Woods. We also invite you to connect with our private FaceBook Group: Hypnotic Women.

"I cannot give enough praise to this wonderful group called Hypnotic Women! The support, care and friendships made just by joining is incredible. I feel as if I've gained hundreds of sisters throughout the world with just one click. Anytime I have a question, feel lonely or want to share, this is where I can go and not be disappointed or judged. Just the thought of HW makes me feel Fantastic!"

 - Mariana Matthews, "That Lady Hypnotist"

Hypnosis Practitioners: Our new collection of hypnotic approaches is now available for sale on Amazon in print or Kindle versions!

Hypnotic Women is a compendium of diverse and original contributions from 57 female hypnosis practitioners, serving up a broad spectrum of over 80 creative recipes that have been tested in professional settings. Approaches for helping a client build self-esteem, achieve success, move past stress and anxiety, improve sleep and even ameliorate the negative effects of a full moon are contained in this collaborative book.

The female perspective in the application of hypnosis is immense: intuitive inclinations combined with life experience provide Hypnotic Women the ability to not only intimately reach clients, but to also guide them to places where healing and transformation occur. This book will provide readers, both male and female, with fresh ideas for helping hypnosis clients.

All profits generated from the sale of this book go to a Hypnotic Women scholarship fund to further education in the field of hypnosis.